Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daddy's back

I've finally decided to start blogging again. Looking back at all the past posts really brings back memories and made me realize how much my life have changed. Life were great and easy back in the days. The only thing i remember doing was play play play and play. Miss it so much~
It's been more then a year since i last blogged.
If you're wondering what i've been doing till now.(that's if anybody cares or as if there's anyone still visiting this blog).
I've graduated from RHA(Rimbuan Hijau Academy) and currently studying Advance diploma in mechatronics at TA(Times Academy).

So if you have any questions, interest or knowledge regarding cars/automotive, please don't be shy to find me. I'm not very Kiang(smart) but Share share la.. thats all for now. tata^^

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