Wednesday, February 25, 2009


with a million hands,
or 8. haha^^

This picture was taken by Sean when Weena was busy talking to Suai i think..^^ eeeeee XD
Agak who'se hand is it at the back. Mine is so obvious la, the thinking man's hand is slightly macho er then the others.. haha
This picture kinda reminds me of naruto, duno y.

Weenaruto unleashing her six tails.. XD

Friday, February 20, 2009

JAva Juice

Java Juice..

Dragon fruit juice/ buah naga/ lung sui guoo

Only rm6.80 per jug..

Till the end...

Khi hong emo face cause weena didnt leave any for him..

Weena sedap sehingga menjilat jari.
Weena trying to kek khi hong..but khi hong don't hiu her. XD

Me showing off my new phone at java juice..^^

Khi hong admiring my new phone and Weena muka jealous.

Sean saying this is crap...


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kueh chap

Kueh chap at Pork Khong park.

Happy faces with Kueh Chap.

Ah SHIN.. happy to see Kueh Chap



WEENA.. See her face enjoy chinn.
Menikmati KuehChap


A kueh chap like no other..^^

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Proton Exora

Heh hey.. Proton's very own MPV
It's now officially called Proton Exora.
The name came from some bunga.

So, Ini dia.. Proton Exora

Not bad lah hor

-There is steering wheel audio controls and also a phone button which could indicate some variants of the MPV are equipped with a Bluetooth hands-free system.
-Instrument panel features a two-meter design, with RPM on the left and an even-numbered speedometer on the right which tops out at 180km/h. The design of the meters are predominantly red with white text. They look like an evolution of the one in the GEN2 CPS facelift, but with modifications that somehow make them end up looking like the one found in the Isuzu D-Max, except the D-Max design is blue.
-A small storage and a card holder (Touch N Go?) located below the driver’s side aircond vent
-A door-open indicator in the middle of the two meters

-A redline of 7,000rpm for the RPM meter

-The gear lever is dash-mounted much like the Honda CR-V.
-Dashboard itself doesn’t seem to have any texture to it but it’s likely that this is a pre-production version, so the production version should have some texture in-line with all the recent Proton model launches.
-Center dash area design from top to bottom - clock, two aircond vents, 2-DIN CD player, various buttons including hazard light, manual air conditioning knobs, recirculation and air cond button.

-5-spoke alloy wheels
-Bee-sting antenna at the front just after the windscreen.
-Signal indicator on side mirrors
-Reflector headlamps
-Foglamps on the front bumper

Done.. enjoy^^

Friday, February 13, 2009


Yes, i know got cacatness at the picture's below.
got some coding or something there.
I also duno y.. peduli dia saja.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines 2009




A lonely valentines it shall be..

Tomorrow is the day when u feel unloved, unwanted and lonely,
The day you shall cry miserably,
Which would not happen to me,
It's a day when i'll be busy with some musume's.

Friday, February 6, 2009

21st birthday

Hazel and i had an early birthday celebration on the 31st at my house.Luckily ah Lun came. If not.. that night really really cham.. No bbq chicken and lamb to eat. a millions thanks to Lun and all the other friends for coming.^^

Sudd got ah jye..haha.see he am chio am chio thr XD

I see that hand there..
i know that is Ah Shin.
I know it was him, because he made a funny sound when he pushed my head..

These are all the most decent photo's that i have.the other photo's tak boleh.shy chinn...too bad thy were'nt any group photo's...sienzzz.great night.1 crack of beer and 2 bottle's of chivas habis.. drink till hin. pik kin toilet..hahaha

Then today...

My 21st birthday.. count down at bing(premier 101) with ah jin, sean, kim mo, jia yih and deidre. Cut a small slice of cake and had to blow a fire from a funny.hahaha XD. after that went ahbu's burger.. thanks guys.^^
And thanks Sean for the wallet.. i love it. it's so sexy, looks even more sexier when i'm holding it.

21 nia mah.. it's just a 2 with a 1. not old kok. 2+1 = 3. so00ooo young.. chammm

Sunday, February 1, 2009

new life 2009

i failed both my malaysian studies and moral studies. So, pek chek.. i was soo looking forward in going to degree this year.aiihs....

Pek chekness,
all i can say is.. all of this is useless.
In the end you will still have to study and earn money..

It's time to change, from now on i must work hard, study hard and bercita-cita tinggi.
*I hope my this semangat is not temporary* chammmm XD