Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dong Dong Mao

Dong DOng Mao XD

khi hong & ivan

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chinese must not have English names

> > Anne Chang (Mandarin)- Dirty
> > Anne Chin (Mandarin) - Keep quiet

> > Faye Chen (Mandarin) - Dusty
> > Carl Cheng (Hokkien) - Buttock
> > Monica Cheng (Hokkien) - Touching your buttocks
> > Lucy Leow (Hokkien) - You are dead
> > Jane Tan (Mandarin) - Frying eggs
> > Suzie Leow (Hokkien) - Lost till death
> > Henry Mah (Mandarin) - Hate your mum
> > Corrine Tai (Hokkien) - Poor fellow
> > Paul Chan (Mandarin) - Bankrupt
> > Nelson Tan (Mandarin) - Bird laying eggs
> > Leslie Tong (Mandarin) - Rubbish bin
> > Carmen Teng (Hokkien) - Leg hair long
> > Connie Mah (Mandarin) - Call your mother
> > Danny See (Hokkien) - Squeeze you to death
> > Rosie Teng (Hokkien) - Screws and nails
> > Pete Tsai (Hokkien) - Nose droppings
> > Macy Koh (Cantonese) - Never die before
> > Michael Tan (Cantonese) - sell chicken eggs

lawak apek and ali (funny stuff)

apek : itu potong zaka ada bagut ka ?
ali : manyak bagut..bila lu potong haa lu punya barang manyak bersih
apek : ?!! err..saya kawan ada cakap,potong zaka aaahh.. manyak
ali : apa probrem ?
apek : manyak buang lui..lagi aahh..dia punya performance tatak
bagut..manyak cinang semputloh..
ali : cehh.. apek, lu apa celita.. saya suda lama potong..tada apa
problem.. bini saya manyak puas woo..
apek : lu mini puas sama itu potong zaka ka?
ali : ya la.. bila lu potong aahh.. lagi sedap maen lagi lambat
apek : ???!!! punya 1.3 atau 1.5 ??
ali : ??!! woi apek cakap baik2 sikit ha.. saya punya 6 incila..
apek : ??! tiu nia ma.. lu jgn maen2 haa.. mana ada potong zaka 6
ali : cilaka apek ni..nah tengok ( bukak sluar tunjuk pale tu le..)
apek : chee sin punya olang..gua tanya baik2 lu tunjuk lu punya
ali : abis.. lu tarak percaya..saya tunjuk la..
apek : saya tatak tanya sama lu punya lancau..saya tanya lu pasal itu
nasional car.. potong zaka..molo punya olang..
ali : aiya.. apek.. lain kali lu sebut betul2 la..kasi susa saja..
bukan potong zaka la.. proton saga.. apa lu apek

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This car is the new second generation 2008 Proton Saga, known to us for the past few months as the Proton BLM.for your information the new Proton Saga was engineered based on Proton Savvy’s platform.i think i would it.the designed is simply and its affordable.An affordable sedan car,amazingly from ......... .
done with the fulfit-ings.time for some pictures.check them out.

the new proton saga BLM

looking pretty good to me.simple and neat inside out.

so whats next?


not bad lerr..wahahah XD

Friday, January 18, 2008


Suddenly the shoreline north of Sydney were transformed into the Cappuccino Coast .. Foam swallowed an entire beach and half the nearby buildings, including the local lifeguards' centre, in a freak display of nature at Yamba in New South Wales .
One minute a group of teenage surfers were waiting to catch a wave, the next they were swallowed up in a giant bubble bath. The foam was so light that they could puff it out of their hands and watch it float away .

Boy in the bubble bath: Tom Woods, 12, emerges from the clouds of foam after deciding that surfing was not an option
It stretched for 30 miles out into the Pacific in a phenomenon not seen at the beach for more than three decades. Scientists explain that the foam is created by impurities in the ocean, such as salts, chemicals, dead plants, decomposed fish and excretions from seaweed. All are churned up together by powerful currents which cause the water to form bubbles. These bubbles stick to each other as they are carried below the surface by the current towards the shore. As a wave starts to form on the surface, the motion of the water causes the bubbles to swirl upwards and, massed together, they become foam.
The foam "surfs" towards shore until the wave "crashes", tossing the foam into the air.

Whitewash: The foam was so thick it came all the way up to the surf club
"It's the same effect you get when you whip up a milk shake in a blender," explains a marine expert. "The more powerful the swirl, the more foam you create on the surface and the lighter it becomes." In this case, storms off the New South Wales Coast and further north off Queensland had created a huge disturbance in the ocean, hitting a stretch of water where there was a particularly high amount of the substances which form into bubbles. As for 12-year-old beachgoer Tom Woods, who has been surfing since he was two, riding a wave was out of the question. "Me and my mates just spent the afternoon leaping about in that stuff," he said.
"It was quite cool to touch and it was really weird. It was like clouds of air - you could hardly feel it."

Children play among all the foam which was been whipped up by cyclonic conditions .

Amazing Advertising & Height of Creativity

fulfitting poem

>I wrote your name on sand, it got washed.
>I wrote your name in air, it was blown away.
>Then I wrote your name on my heart & I got heart attack.
>God saw me hungry, he created pizza.
>He saw me thirsty, he created Pepsi.
>He saw me in dark, he created light.
>He saw me without problems, he created YOU.
>Twinkle Twinkle little star
>You should know what you are
>And once you know what you are
>Mental hospital is not so far.
>The rain makes all things beautiful. The grass and flowers too.
>If rain makes all things beautiful why doesn't it rain on you?
>Roses are red, violets are blue
>monkeys like u should be kept in the zoo.
>Don't feel so angry you will find me there too
>not in the cage but laughing at you.
>When your life is in darkness pray to God
>ask him to free you from darkness and if after you pray
>and you're still in darkness, please pay your ELECTRICITY BILL!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fishing trip at TELAGA AIR (9/01/2007)

It was the first time i drive to telaga air n thr furthest i ever drive to also.
well,b4 we went thr.i picked up suai to buy sum stuff that we need to go fishing.
then i sent him back home and i went home to get prepared.we departure at about took us(me) about 50 to 60minutes to get thr because i drive kinda slowly due to the bad road we got there about 9 something la..hehe^^
Once,we got there.we carried down our stuff and start was very quiet that night.the villages weren't karaoke-ing like they usually do.the last time we went there,the villages karaoked loudly until about 3am..FUH!.(k,lets just forget about them)
In about 2hours,i caught a fish.huray!.the last time we get a catch was like so so long ago.about 1 year ah..we finally caught sumthing.wahahah^^.we were so happy,we see HOPE.wahha^^.but suai obviously jealous la.but in the end he got like about 4 times my catch.WTF!.we fished until the sun rised.we as in me & suai.khi hong was sleeping in the car the whole night.
In morning(5am is morning la hor?) we moved to a bridge nearby to try out our luck.well,suai was really lucky.he caught fishies.but it was like a nightmare to me.
I got hit by the weight attached to my rod.

it hurts like hell

i got hit by the weight when i was trying to pull my bait out from got stuck between wood or something.i expected the string to break bt it did elastically puled the weight back towards me n hit me right on the neck.this is how the weight looks like.

bloody weight

it hurt really bad a about a few minutes then about 8am.finally we decided to go home.

oh ya...this is our catch of the day.

This is suai's catch.yes its plenty.plenty of skinny ikan bilis.he got all the small small fish.kesians.bring home buat ikan masin then makan with bubur la..wahahhaha XD

and this is my catch of the day.yes,only 4=.='''
but its better then nothing.And my fish are not small small ikan bilis like what suai got.wahah XD.

its been a long time since we really had fun fishing.thanks to the good weather,my car,friends and the was great.*look* (im thinner then suai)and his head so big..wahahahaha XD


drifting bicycle

wtf..bicycle oso can drift?

cool ya..

and even smokes...

funny pose..haha

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

enjoy life while you still can!!!

Another year has passed And we're all a little older. Last summer felt hotter And winter seems much colder. I rack my brain for happy thoughts, To put down on my pad, But lots of things, That come to mind Just make me kind of sad. There was a time not long ago When life was quite a blast.

Now I fully understand About 'Living in the Past'. We used to go to friends homes, Football games and lunches. Now we go to therapy, to hospitals, And after-funeral brunches. We used to have hangovers,
>From parties that were wild. Now we suffer body aches And sleep the night away. We used to go out dining, And couldn't get our fill. Now we ask for doggie bags, Come home and take a pill. We used to often travel To places near and far. Now we get backaches

>From riding in the car. used to go out shopping For new clothing at the Mall But, now we never bother... All the sizes are too small. That, my friend is how life is, And now my tale is told. So, enjoy each day and live it up...

Before you're too darn old!!

You pass this way only once so enjoy it while you can, Live Laugh and Love!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


this year's countdown wasn't as fun as last rained heavily from the afternoon untill the next day.went to soho,got wet even with the big umbrella's provided because the rain was really big n the umbrella got lubang.a wet countdown we had.anyway..happy new year to every1.