Friday, April 4, 2008

R.I.P Grace

Grace is our beloved white shitzu.The name GRACE was given by my dad.As you can see,her name also starts with a G which is the same me and my brothers.

She is not just a dog or a pet.She was family.she even had a piece of cheese cake during my mothers birthday.
She use to chase after slippers and shoe's that i throw and run away with it.Unlike other dogs.she doesn't chase after us,but she make us chase after her.
She use to bark every time we eat lunch and dinner.hoping that we could give her a bite.sometimes i would give her a piece of meat and sometimes i would just eat in front of her just to make her jealous..haha XD

It was great having her around.She was always there waving her tail, barking and scratching the door of the cage,telling me to "open up the door and play with me".

But something bad happened just now.AT about 1.45pm when i was showering,getting ready to Uni.I heard a dog crying out loud.The dog was crying so badly and for quite a long time.I thought it was the dog of 1 of our neighbours and i was like scolding the owner in my heart "what a clumsy owner".The dog cried in such pain.
But as soon as i finished shower,I went down stairs and my mum told me about the bad news.She told me that Grace was behind the wheels or the car when my brother wanted to reverse.Grace have this habit of following us wherever we go,even in the car and eating whatever we eat...
When i heard about it,i quickly ran outside to have a look at Grace's condition.She was sitting quietly in her cage but she was having difficulty in breathing,and as she takes a breathe and blows it out.You can hear moisture in between.
I opened the cage,but she just sat unusually quiet inside the cage.she usually would just ran out n climb on my leg or bite my shoe.Then i sat at the stairway near by looking at her.She suddenly stood up and walked over to me and sat in front of me.i gave her a few rubs on her head and she licked my hand.As she licks me,i saw her tongue turning pale.A few minutes later,my brother brought grace to see the vet and i went to uni.In my heart,i knew that grace would be fine.Cause she has to be fine.

At mum came to fetch me home and told me that grace has died.She was given an injection to help her rest in peace so that she wouldn't have to suffer(i forgot what the process is called,but you know what i mean right).But i do not support the action of doing it.Nobody has the right to do so,she might have survived.i was so mad deep inside.
My youngest brother who is only in primary6 was crying quietly at the corner.
I looked at him.he even had to force himself to smile when he look at me.He was trying to be tough,trying to hide the sadness he felt.

We are all sad about the incident.But i don't think we will feel as bad as my younger both my younger brother and my mum who plays,bathe and pour there love towards her.And the 2nd eldest little brother is the true owner of her and the 1 who did that.He must have felt so bad.Let's just hope that Grace is happier then ever now in the other world.GRACE,MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

6 years old b-boy

This 6year old kid is him breakin.

The teens around him looks sakai n shocked..haha XD