Friday, November 30, 2007

Miss tourism pageant

I went to watch miss tourism at stadium today.duno what stadium is that le,the 1 that lindan play badminton that day.hahah^^
too bad i didnt bring my dads i will try to get sum pics for u guys to see k.
There were 31 chicks frm 31 diff countries.i was so lucky cause i get to sit at a very front seat.just on the forth or the fifth seat,right in the middle of the stadium and infront of the stage.n the other audience were siting way back ontop..wahahaha^^
they were gorgeous favourite is the 1 from mexico,korea and hong pretty la....
that hongkong girl really can sing la.she sang a song called "close to you - the carpenters".her voice was nice,n she sang it well.unlike someone from some place ^^.she sounded like the gal from AQUA.And a skinny someone frm some other place^^(had to change that part,dont wanna offend ppl)
tried to dance like shakira with her flat ass.skinny macam tiang n trying to dance like shakira.i know that u can imagine that.looks like she's gonna break herself into half or something.
the event was also "dihappenningkan" with the performance by performers from MAX STUDIO.i hope i didnt get it wrong.its sumthing MAX production la.forgot thats it for now.tata

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

28/11/07 what a happening day

1st - i accidentally wore slippers to work with my slippers on
2st - my bro accident
3rd - the car accident then i cant use it(i had to cancel my plans) n my ex gf gonna leave kch to meet her new guy,all this made so much in a really bad mood)
4th - i scold 1 of the manager in my company.he's such an asshole.
5th - go bbq at frens house^^

so happening ya,AIIHS

Sunday, November 25, 2007

when i was young

wo siao shi hou.. ^^
see,i am a good boy.not huai huai as u tot.

haha..missing the old days la. T.T

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

mini mini

look at what i've found.this is what i call mini la..haha^^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

nintendo ds lite

just look at it..its just so sexy to look at

bt the graphic is a little bit kasian u can go on9 n ply mp4 what.
looks like a more advance gameboy.its touch screen summore.wahaha.^^
im still considering of getting it i scared i'll get bored with it sooner or later because of the games.kinda boring for can ply ply mah.

my friends is offering me his ndsl for rm550.i knw thats the price of getting a new he includes a memory card it makes it a little worthit.
My heart is telling me to buy it bt my brain i telling me not to buy it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

thursday/friday 8/9 nov 2007 - 12.00am

Since you guys are so interested about my company's t-shirt.i might as well show you the other t-shirt...i duno why they make the 2 t-shirts like that.maybe they were sponsored by digi n dbku..

Its 12am and i am still not asleep yet,biasa lah..u know me la.hihi^^
wondering what i am doing?

In the day i am just a humble, n innocent n nice n honest n hardworking accounts clerk.

a super hero at night

and after midnight,enjoying my reward for all the heroic things that i have done.
(ok,all of this is just crap)

back to the point..i was trying to clean up my room for the fifth time.while putting n clearing my stuff,i found a disc.a disc that use to bring me joy(yes,it served me well).ehehm..heheXD
instead of just throwing it away,i tried to have a little fun with.
1 - i gave it my powerful dragon fist 15inch punch
2 - i gave it my mystique karate chop
3 - a hold slam(i can only hold it cause i couldnt choke it)

and that was it.i was trying to break the disc into 2.and all i get is a bleeding knuckle.
from this,i learned that disc's are not good for breaking,bt it makes a good fly saucer.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is Mine

I met a new fren yesterday,and her name is ~~~~~.n her email is
she is very nice,matured and playfull.And kinda cute too^^
1 more thing,she's 170cm tall.n she's only 16 years old.
damn! im already 19 going to 20 n im only 173cm.

not bad right?just abit skinny nia la.hehe^^

Well,i show this pic to my fren "khi hong"(naik angin).
then he was like "wooo wooo,nt bad wor,is mine is mine"

(hmMMM..nt mine is mine.

it is like all the pretty girl in the world is his.nt leaving even 1 for me.lokek betul..
Suai n him wants me to intro this girl to him.

I only have 1 word to say to him and suai.
"U BAN BAN DAN LAH"wahahahahahahha^^
(ok,that was more then one word)but u get what i meant la..chih