Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby porcupine

Baby porcupine's...cute rite

Carey, My revenge for spamming my blog..let ppl see u funny face..XD

Thursday, November 27, 2008

gary the thinker

I was reading through kennysia's previous post and something got my attention.

Yes, it is the thinking man or "the thinker".
According to kennysia 2008,"The Thinker is such an iconic representation of one man's intense intellectual activity that replicas of this sculpture can be found in museums and universities all over the world."
The thinker is a bronze and marble sculpture by Augustine Rodin at some museum in Paris.It's true name is to be "the Poet" but duno y i didnt turn out to be. So shall we be or not to be. okies...*CRAP*. and i got those info of the thinking man from wiki 2008.

Gary The Thinker.
Soon thr will b replica's of me everywhere around the world. Pure manliness and sexiness.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

wo de nai

Ivan just got back a few days ago.. yesh, we had fun playing badminton and dota-ing. We started vs-ing 1 easy mode hero,we won n tot we pro d.Then we brought it to the next level..We played all night all night losing to just 1 hero.yes,u don't have to say it..i feel the shame too.
Suai will be back tomorrow or tomorrow punya tomorrow. Then it's the end of our sorrow. For sure we wont lose again, and we can go back to wo de nai-ing. phewiittttt.. =p
Right now, we'll just waiting for Caring, Seang, Weenang to come back.did i left out anyone, i can't think of any1 else..haha.
Then they're all back..that's that i call PURE SATISFACTION. then the MAx flag will erect again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

End of finals 2008

Exam is over... Time for happying, beering, cigratting and tocenging.

The buluh too happy until it erected...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Foundation sem2 finals

I'll be having my finals starting from tomorrow.
But i just started studying last night..really is die deep deep liao la..
so i need to really PIA hard i would not b updating or visiting here anytime in this week. wish me luck you all. *peace out*

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

messin with guitar sound on keyboard

CHeck this out.
so damn fcuking cool. plying guitar sound with his keyboard.
super nice...i mega fan sudah.ignore the nerdy look, he's most problably just acting.
very funny, his eye's more sepet then mine.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sabrina's Tag

Tagged by Sabrina.

Name Someone
1. With black hair: Adin Jen

2. Younger than you: Adin Jen

3. In your class: Adin Jen

4. That is one of your best friend: Sabrina XD

5. Someone that is older than you: Joycelyn

6. That lives close to you: Lynda

7. With curly hair: Suai =p

8. That lives far away from you: Chee fung

9. You love: erhemmm

10.You Dislike: AZ


How old is #3?
Adin Jen - 18

Are #9 and #1 friends?

Does #2 have any pets?
Yes, a cat

Why do you love #4? a friend

What is #6s weakness?
get fat easily

Where does #10 go to school?

Who do you talk to more, #2 or #8?
Adin - Sab = sama la

In how many years does #7 turn 21?
Suai - 1year

Whats #5s favourite band?
wendy - duno. ching chong

Would you ever have sex with #1?
Adin - impossible

How far away does #3 live from you?
Adin - jauh nak juak

Who is crazier, #6 or #9?
I think 9

How long have you known #4?
Sabrina - 6month's

Does #2 like #10?

How old is #1?
Adin - 18

What is your favourite thing about #8?
Chee fung - his hair

Have #4 and #5 made out?
Sab - wendy = no, thr to far away

Is #9 related to you?
no la

What would you change about #10?
Her attitude, skin colour, hair, face, dressing

What colour of hair does #4 have?
Sab - Black

Is #1 immature?
Adin - yes, still young and virgin

Whats your relationship with #6?
Lynda - goodfriends, classmates since primary4

Is #8 still in school?
Chee fund - yea, hair dressing school

Where does #7 live?
suai - erm, what do u call that area? arang kah?

What sports does #5 play?
Joycelyn - paintball

Have you ever held hands with #1?
Adin - nvr

What kind of eyes does #4 have?
Sabrina - sexy eyes

Have #6 and #8 ever dated?
chee fund - lynda = i dun think knw each other ler

Have you ever seen #5 cry?
Joycelyn - yes

Do you have any classes with #10?

Does #5 drink alcohol?
Joycelyn - YES

When is #6's birthday?
Lynda - Jan

Who are the next 3 unlucky people that you would like to tag?
Kiasudidi, Maggie and Kai